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Micare Costs
Afford ability

Cost is an essential issue. MICARE strives to provide care as efficiently
and cost effectively as possible.  Most of our families are private payors.
 Many private insurance companies, long term care, automobile accident
and state funded
* programs will reimburse for these kinds of services.  
We are happy to supply invoices to support your tax or insurance
requirements.   Contact
MICARE for rate information.
*We are a New Jersey Division of Aging
and Community Services
provider under
the Jersey Assistance for Community
Caregiving (JACC) program.  

Contact the
NJ Department of Health
and Senior Services
to determine your
eligibility for this program.

JACC is a State-funded program that
provides a broad array of in-home
services to enable an individual, at risk
of placement in a nursing facility and
who meets income and resource
requirements, to remain in his or her
community home.